Thursday, December 8, 2011

And….it’s over

The semester is finally almost over. Looking back it really feels like it went by so fast and that it’s surreal to think I only have one more semester until I graduate. Yes, i also completely feel the “senioritis” at full blast, i have had no motivation to do anything school related lately. I think another reason i have no motivaion is because i have 10 more days until i’ll be flying to egypt for three weeks during our winter break. I am so excited, i haven’t been to Egypt in around three years, so seeing all my cousins and family members who have either recently gotten married, or had kids, etc should be a lot of fun. The only thing i’m not looking forward to is going to Egypt alone, because Lord know i might come back married if it was up to all my fanily and they are just so pushy. I’m sure my mom wouldn’t mind but it’s definitely not going to happen! Anyways, this class was really a lot of fun, and i was just thinking about how much i was going to miss the people. It’s been interesting! See you next semester in your Senior Seminar class!


n: to be in the state of deep thought/ a source of inspiration

eregrinatev: to travel over something/ to walk especially on foot

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


So last Saturday was my brother’s wedding, and it’s finally over. I have to say though, that not just because it was my brother’s wedding, but it was seriously one of the most beautiful and fun wedding i’ve ever been too. I loved the fact that my sister in law wanted to incorporate so many traditional afghan components, like a traditional afghan dance performed by myself, my other two sister in laws, her cousin and her cousins niece, and one of our mutual friends. There was also a mirror ceremony in which a large cloth is to be put over the bride and grooms head, while someone holds up a mirror in front of them and they then read a few versus from the quran together. They also did a traditional henna ceremony where my mom and dad put henna on their hands which was supposed to bring them good luck. The groomsmen performed a traditional palestinian dance called a “debke”, which was also a lot of fun to watch. Walking in there was a “zeffa” group which played traditional egyptian music while they walked into the hall. All in all, it was such an amazing experience and such a fun night that i already kind of miss it, which is kind of crazy for as much as i complained about how crazy hard it was to get ready for it.

There’s a link to the video if you really want to see our 10 minute long traditional afghan dance, im the one in the royal blue dress and silver scarf=]

Vocab words that are related to the wedding

The powdered leaves of a tropical shrub, used as a dye to color the hair and decorate the body

(Pronounced "ZEFF uh".) This term is often used to refer to an Arabic wedding procession. The newly married couple is led into the reception hall in a formal procession to acknowledge their new status. A zeffa frequently is led by a belly dancer. ..

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blog, week 12?

How long do these blogs even really have to be? These are kind of getting to be a bit of a drag. Which is why again im writing this at 11:50 pm. I’m actually painting my nails, trying to study for an online quiz im going to take after this, and chatting with my cousin in New York online. The wedding is literally around the corner, i can’t believe it’s this close. As much as i complain about it now, i’m going to be so sad when its over. It’s crazy that we’ve been planning this for so long and now the moment is finally here, i can’t wait and hope everything goes perfect. Another thing that i hope goes well is all my visiting family gets along. My moms brother and my dads brother are both flying in and will both be staying at our house. My dad doesnt get along with my moms brother at all, and my moms brother doesn’t really like my dads brother, so really all this dislike might be interesting. I’m excited to see my uncles nonetheless! Okay, end of post because i’ve got lots to do( yes that was horrible english i know!)

Words 1. murked- To be badly defeated at something.

2. snooks plural of snook
A large edible game fish (Centropomus undecimalis, family Centropomidae) of the Caribbean that is sometimes found in brackish water.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Blog number "I haven't been keeping track"

It's 11:40, and I just remembered about my blog post. I'm writing this from my cell phone because my Internet is not working at my house, but the 3G network on my phone is. It's times like these I like technology. Again I have no idea what I'm going to write about. I guess I can write about how I still don't know if I'll
be able to go to Egypt in the winter which I was really looking forward to, buy I just really don't want to go if my moms not there. I guess well just have to find out. I know we have all(my entire family) been stressed like hell abouy my brothers upcoming wedding
which I can't believe is less than a month away. I guess it's true that when everyone tells you weddings are expensive and stressful, you should believe them, but you can't really feel it unless you're going through the process yourself. Whether its dress fittings, cake testing, meeting with party planners, dance practice, figuring out bridesmaids, planning bridal
showers, the list seems like its never ending. At the same time, one of my other really good friends that I've mentioned before is getting married soon, so I'm also planning her bridal
shower , but my sister in law keeps talking about how I'm planning such an amazing bridal shower or my friend and I'm not spending as much time planning hers. I guess you can't please everyone!


Definition:   opposition to the increase and spread of knowledge.

1. Opposition to the increase and spread of knowledge.

2. Deliberate obscurity or evasion of clarity.

Samlet- is defined as a young salmon.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Aeloist- a pompus windy bore who pretends to have inspiration

Autolatry- the worship of one’s self.

Okay now i really dont know what to talk about for this blog, my back and neck hurt and im starting to get a cramp in my left hand from typing. I need to go take a shower and catch up on a whole lot of reading. All i want to do is….go to sleep. As usual, nothing new there. I’m reallysttarting to want to go on a vvacation more and more every day and im starting to really consider going to egypt in december. I mean i was originaly supposed to go with my mom but she si kinda bailing on me, and everyone there is trying to get me married so i really don’t want to go without her. That’s one trip i definitely need my mommy for. She is the one who is telling everyone i want to get married which i dont, so everyone is so excited about finding me someone. So annoying, okay seriosuly i really have nothing else to write about, so hope this is long enough!
Here are my TWO vocab words;
Abacinate- to blind by putting a hot copper basin near someone’s eyes.

Abderian- given to incesstant or idiotic laughter

I truthfully have no motivation to write this blog right now, all i want to do is go to bed becuase surprise surprise…i’m exhausted. Working 12 hour days and then coming home to dance practice for my brothers wedding, and then having to do homework is insanity. I need a vacation, plus being a senior on top of all that, senioritis is starting to take place and i am very nervous. Where can i get myself some motivation? I would say im looking forward to the weekend, but really it’s going to be just as hectic and crazy or even more so than the weekdays. Tomorrow at my work is our halloween party. Now i have work at 6am, just imagine how much energy i’ll have to deal with 45 children under the age of 5 all sugared up running around like crazy looneys! I can’t wait! Hahah. Between that time i have a meeting to go to at a hotel for my firends bridal shower, which i have to run to and run back to work. Then after the insane day im goin got have at work tomorrow because i already know its going to literally be INSANE, i have to go with my sister in law to meet with her DJ to discuss her music for her bridal shower. Then i have to go with my friend to find shoes for the on of the bridal showers i am helping to throw for my friend Sarah who is getting married in egypt in december. Hopefully stores will still be open at that time. Saturday i have to be at my friends house at 8am to help set up for one of 2 bridal showers im throwing for my friend, then after that i have another party to go to at night. Sunday i have dance practice in hayward from 10 - 3pm which is going to be intense. Then i have to go shopping for the rest of the things i need for the bridal shower number 2. Somehow i need to catch up on all my work over the weekend as well, sounds like a ball of fun or what? Yay, im gonna go write another blog no wto make up for the one i forgot and didnt feel like doing last week.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Okay again before i forget, here’s my word of the week. The word is, widdershins, which is an adverb defined as : in a left-handed, wrong, or contrary direction : counterclockwise. Hmmm…interesting?

Okay, anyways now onto more about me and my exciting life. More anxiety, panic attacks, and stress is still an everyday occurance. At this point why am i not immune to it? Along with wedding planning, bridal showers, and more weddings, my birthday is on Sunday. I’m turning 20, and i am not very happy about this. I know everyone keeps saying im still young and i should be enjoying this time, but really it’s kind of scary. This is the decade im supposed to finish school, get married, start a career, and start having kids. AHHH! That just sounds like too much, and at this point, even though im only 20 my parents have started the pressure about me getting married soon. It’s so annoying to have to listen to them talk about potential husbands, but at the same time they have always told me to wait until i finish school. However i graduate in the summer, so then what? I am thinking of taking a year off to find work, but only because i have had absolutley NO time to study for the GRE’s and this will give me more time. I just hate deciding everything for the rest of my life. I feel so pressured, and it’s like theres no room for mistakes. Am i just overthinking this all a little too much?

I think a therapy session might be in need very soon. Another thing i need to vent about is the fact that i HATE planning stuff for my bdays because its just annoying. BUT, none of my other family or friends plan anything. I am always the one to plan their birthdays, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, whatever. So even though i said i wanted to do something, but not have to plan… no one ended up planning anything. A little annoying? Yes. [I know you hate rhetorical questions, but it makes my rant look better, okay?]

Since i’m just venting here, i also hate the fact that i have work at 6 am M-F for the next three weeks. It’s only wednesday an im exhausted. I don’t know if ill be able to last much longer, here’s hoping!